Crawlair Mobile Filter Unit

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    Crawlair Mobile Filter Unit

    Monmouth's Portable Filtering unit Crawlair Mobile is designed to exhaust and filter dry air contaminants. A highly efficient filtering cartridge makes it possible to use everywhere for processes such as welding, grinding, polishing, cutting of metals or plastics and much more. Crawlair Mobile is not designed for filtering the air from corrosive, caustic and explosive gases and dusts.

    The housing of Crawlair Mobile is manufactured of welded steel. It is completely painted with polyester-epoxy powder paint. Inside there is an metal mesh (prefilter), which protects the cartridge from sparks and also prefilters air from larger particles. Crawlair Mobile main filter stage are two polyester cartridges on an easy to maintain filter tray. Cartridges are cleaned with a compressed air system enclosed inside the cabinet (air tank with safety valve, pneumatic pulse valve). Cleaning is started with a palm button (manually controlled cleaning) and should be performed each time the airflow decreases or at the end of a work day (depending on usage). Large rear wheels mounted to the rear of the housing and swivel casters mounted to the front make it easy to move unit in a work area. Monmouth's fume arm models 1620P, 1630P or hose versions (H1620P, H1630P) can be mounted at the top of the unit.

    Crawlair features:

    • Most versatile fume and dust collector on the market,
    • Small size and compact construction,
    • Nominal airflow capacity 1000m3/h,
    • Filtration media surface 12m2,
    • 2 Stage filtration with spark trap,
    • Easy to service filter tray,
    • Compressed air pulse cleaning built-in,
    • Ready to work with 1620 and 1630 Monmouth's Standard and Hose Arms.
    • Light options avaliable for one arm or a light option for welding which includes (12V/35W), photosensor, automatic on/off with adjustable time out of exhaust operation after welding has stopped. The light options are not avaliable with hose arms.