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The Monmouth Flexible Wall (also called Soft Wall) Clean Rooms can be constructed in any size or shape. They can offer cleanliness levels between ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) or ISO Class 9 (100,000+).

The system consists of an aluminium or powder coated zintec frame with floor to ceiling strip curtains hung on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides. They can be provided on adjustable feet for permanantly locating in a fixed area, or the system can be mounted on lockable wheels enabling them to be wheeled over equipment when necessary. As an alternative, the whole frame can be suspended from a ceiling or framework above, giving unhindered access to the working area.   

Monmouth can provide a full service through from design and initial specification through to a full turnkey installation with free, no-obligation initial site surveys and planning.

 Flexible Wall Clean Rooms products

Air Handling
Typically, the Monmouth Flexible Wall Clean Rooms will be supplied with ceiling mounted HEPA CAM2250 filtration units. These units are manufactured in our own factory in Somerset and any number can be linked together to suit an unlimited size of room or suite. They are usually set to recirculate air back into the room but can if required be supplied to draw in fresh air from the outside. Each unit has its own speed controller fitted and low airflow alarm to alert users of any maintenance requirements.

The number of CAM2250's required in a room will vary depending upon the level of cleanliness required in a particular clean room.


Examples of Flexible Wall Clean Rooms include: