Monmouth Scientific's range of Clean Air and Air Filtration Systems can be used for a variety of applications including the removal of chemical fumes and particulate impurities from the environment.

The clean air systems can be fitted with a variety of types of activated carbon filters to remove different chemical fumes or noxious smells, alternatively, they can be fitted with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for particulate and bacteria removal. 

HEPA FILTRATION: It is known that air is a major transporter for different impurities such as mould spores, Aspergillus & TBC (due to the vaporizing of cytostatic products), and many other infectious bacteria, in addition to dust, smoke etc. The Room Air Cleaners help to achieve the objective of decreasing or even eliminating the risk of hospital acquired infections through airborne contamination as they are equipped with the best available HEPA filters. They can be used in a huge variety of areas including Bio-labs, Operating Theatres and all hospital departments having Immuno-compromised patients such as burn units, neonates, dialysis and oncology - Increasingly, they are also being used in Pharmacies and micro-electronic areas.