Clean Rooms come in all shapes and sizes and fit into various ISO Class Categories according to BS EN ISO 14644. They are also a major investment for a Company and care should be taken when servicing and validating this valuable asset.

Monmouth Scientific generally cover Clean Rooms between ISO Class 6 and ISO Class 9 for servicing and validation purposes. We utilise the lastet calibrated technology such as Particle Counters, Photometers & Vane Anemometers and offer a comprehensive service and validation package as follows:

  • Interior condition checked
  • Exterior condition checked
  • Doors, runners/ hinges checked
  • Lights checked
  • Switches checked
  • Integrity of cleanroom (including seals where applicable)
  • Fans and Clean Air Module conditions
  • Prefilters replaced if necessary from customers' stock
  • Main filters replaced if necessary from customers’ stock
  • Air room changes per hour recorded
  • Pressure differential between rooms is checked and recorded
  • Particle counts taken and ISO standard achieved by cleanroom recorded. 
  • Airflows of each Clean Air Module are checked
  • Testing of low airflow alarms if present
  • Issue a certificate on all test results 
  • Service record kept on database
  • Service card updated and kept on cabinet. 
  • Written record of Cleanroom Report produced and sent after visit.

All services carried out by skilled, and qualified engineers. 
We pride ourselves on offering a most comprehensive service to safeguard your employees. Not all companies offer this level of servicing. 

For a comprehensive quotation on servicing and validating your Clean Room, please email or call 01278 458090.