Circulaire HLF-T1500 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

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    Circulaire HLF-T1500 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

    The brand new Monmouth Scientific Circulaire® HLF-T1500 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet is designed and manufactured in the UK by our own engineers. This means that we are able to offer features, benefits, quality, service and support that are second to none.

    The Circulaire® HLF-T1500 conforms fully to BS EN 14644 and offers clean air to ISO Class 3 (Class 1). To ensure compliance, the cabinets use U15 ULPA particulate filters for the very best in product protection.

    The whole Circulaire HLF-T range of cabinets are fitted with the latest digital fans to ensure low noise operation and low energy consumption. Energy efficiency is improved further with the use of internal LED lighting and PIR movement sensors to shut off all non-essential electronic items when the cabinet senses a period of inactivity. Typical power consumption for the Circulaire® HLF-T1500 is just 80 watts!!! This makes the power consumption a mere fraction of rival cabinets. In addition, the use of digital fans brings noise levels below 54db(A).

    The new ranges are fitted with the new Visionaire® 4.3” (11cm) full colour touch screen control system that allows control and monitoring never before seen in a cabinet of this type. This control system offers some of the following functions in its design:

    • External Dimensions: 1500mm wide, 745mm deep and 1265mm high
    • Automatic ECO mode, switches off lighting and electronic display after a period of operator inactivity*
    • Airflow Monitoring with actual airflow readings in m/sec or ft/min
    • Electronic monitoring of pressure drop across filter face in pascals
    • Automatic airflow compensation maintains air speeds at the correct predetermined level
    • Audible* and highly visual alarms should levels exceed specified limits
    • Lighting brightness adjustment
    • Easily identified warning and maintenance messages
    • Fan running indicator
    • Cabinet hours run time indicator
    • Service interval monitoring
    • Cabinet information screen with: date of commissioning, date of last & next service, filter fitment dates, cabinet serial number and filter part numbers.
    • **Optional UV light with electronically interlocked night door for ultimate operator safety
    • **Programmable UV light system including delayed operation and UV times with timer countdown
    • **UV light hours run indicator
    • PIN number access to Engineer & Supervisor settings

                *Can be deactivated if preferred
                **Factory Fitted Option

    Options Available:  UV Light, Interlocked Night Door, Base Stand/Base Trolley/Under Cupboard, Cable Entry Ports, Custom Sizes and Designs