Circulaire CT800 Filtration Fume Cupboard

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    Circulaire CT800 Filtration Fume Cupboard

    The brand new Circulaire CT800 Filtration Fume Cabinet features the latest technology available in a cabinet of this type. It is fitted with the deepest carbon filters for maximum fume filtration efficiency and also has the lowest energy costs available as it uses just 57 watts of power when in standard operation (even lower when running in ECO mode). This means that it costs less than 1p per hour to run in energy costs!!!!

    In addition to the low energy costs, the cabinet is low noise - emitting just 49db(A) when in ideal conditions. Combine this with the industry leading Visionaire® Touch Screen controller and you will find it very difficult to find a better cabinet.

    • Visionaire® Colour Touch Screen Control System
    • Low Energy – cost saving and great ‘green’ credentials
    • Low Noise – better working environment
    • Dimmable Lighting – adjustment for all requirements
    • Low airflow alarm
    • Carbon filter saturation alarm
    • Large filters for best containment and capacity
    • Smooth White Powder Coated Finish – great looking, chemically resistant and easily cleaned
    • High working aperture for maximum access to working area
    • Automatic face velocity air speed compensation
    • Visual display of actual air speed in m/sec or ft/min
    • Visual display of carbon filter capacity/saturation
    • Cabinets manufactured from zintec mild steel means years of corrosion free use
    • High-lipped moulded GRP spillage tray for containing spills and removable for easy cleaning
    • Built in aerofoil/arm/wrist rest on leading edge of spillage tray for maximum operator comfort
    • Aerofoil air intakes built into sash for improved airflow
    • Sash latch to keep cabinet open for cleaning and installation of equipment
    • ECO mode with PIR sensor – cabinet automatically saves energy when left unused for a pre-determined & adjustable period of time
    • Easy & safe change pre-filter system
    • Carbon and/or HEPA filters for maximum versatility
    • Clear Sides for maximum comfort and visibility
    • Great range of other sizes: 1100mm, 1400mm & 1800mm
    • EC Fans – maximum efficiency with low noise and low power requirements
    • Mutable alarms and keypad notes for quiet labs or working areas
    • PIN number controlled Supervisor settings area
    • Brushless & Sparkless fans means no source of ignition to harmful gases or fumes
    • All electrics are completely isolated from the airstream means no possible source of ignition of gases or fumes.
    • 5 year limited warranty
    • British Designed and manufactured
    • Filter suitability check on switch on for maximum safety
    • Automatically recognised carbon and HEPA filter types/blends
    • Sloped front for easy viewing
    • Easy change main filters on sprung clamped aluminium rails

    Specifications of the Circulaire® CT800

    External Dimensions mm (WxDxH)

    800mm wide, 700mm deep & 1210mm high

    Working Aperture Size:

    500mm wide (ave.) x 300mm high

    Face Velocity

    Typically set at 0.55m/sec - Can be user adjusted depending upon application

    Typical Noise Level

    circa. 48db(A)

    Main Filters

    Large capacity CARBON or HEPA

    Optional Outlet Filters

    Large capacity CARBON or HEPA


    240v - 50hz - 57watts during standard operation