Circulaire CFS800 Compact Chemical Storage Cabinet

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    Circulaire CFS800 Compact Chemical Storage Cabinet

    The Circulaire CFS800 is a brand new compact and inexpensive way of managing the on-bench storage of chemicals and containers. Fitted with an activated carbon filter, the Circulaire CFS800 requires only access to a standard 13amp socket and only draws 25 watts of power, so costs next to nothing to run!

    The unit is 800mm wide and 200mm deep so has a tiny footprint and can therefore fit into virtually any lab or workshop. If prefered the system can be provided on adjustable legs, lifting the cabinet off the worksurface altogether.

    The Circulaire CFS800 constantly draws air over the storage area just like a fume cabinet - it gives typically 18 complete air changes in the cabinet PER MINUTE, that's a whopping 1080 air changes per hour!

    The activated carbon filter is matched to the group of chemicals being stored and is easily changeable when required.

    There are two sliding acrylic doors on the front of the cabinet giving access to the 785mm x 175mm x 300mm of storage area. The whole of the bottom of the cabinet is proteced from spillage by a deep lipped chemically resistant polypropylene spillage tray that can easily be removed for cleaning.


    Construction:Powder Coated Steel Enclosure with 4mm thick clear acrylic doors and deep lipped polypropylene spillage tray.
    (w x d x h)

    800mm x 200mm x 440mm (Without legs)
    800mm x 233mm x 590 - 710mm (With legs) 

    Internal Dimensions:
    (w x d x h)

    785mm x 175mm x 300mm
    Airflow:18 air changes per minute
    Filters:Pre-filter and Activated Carbon filter - matched to application
    Weight:17Kg - including Filter
    Power:230v - 50Hz - 25w