Boxair M1 – mobile filter

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    Boxair M1 – mobile filter

    Monmouth's Portable Filtering unit BoxAir is designed to exhaust and filter dry impurities. A highly efficient filtering cassette makes it possible to use everywhere for processes such as welding, grinding, polishing, cutting of metals and plastics and much more. The BoxAir is not designed for filtering the air from corrosive, caustic and explosive gases and dusts. It’s purpose is to use in places where continuous use is not required.

    The housing of The BoxAir is manufactured of welded steel sheet. It is completely painted with a polyester-epoxy powder paint. Inside there is an aluminium mesh (prefilter), which protects the cartridge from sparks and pre filters the air. Next there is main cassette filter with filtration class H7. The filter area is designed with option to use different filters using different level of filtration. Unit is fitted with four swivel castors, which allow it to move around small work areas. The BoxAir filtering unit is also equipped with a heavy duty Electrical on/off switch. A self-supporting Fume Arm model 1620P (160mm x 2m), 1630P (160mm x 3m) or sleeve arm 1620EP can be mounted at the top of the unit.

    Boxair M1 features:

    • 1000m3h@Hood,
    • Spark Trap,
    • Large Wheels,
    • Cassette Filter,
    • Compact Size,
    • Arm Diameter: 160mm,
    • Arm Lengths: 2m, 3m
    • Light options avaliable for one arm or a light option for welding which includes (12V/35W), photosensor, automatic on/off with adjustable time out of exhaust operation after welding has stopped. The light options are not avaliable with hose arms.


    • Mobile filter unit for single workplace where there is no need for constant exhaust operation
    • Dry dusts or fumes capture and filtration especially at welding, grinding, cutting and many more processes       (excluding corrosive, chemically aggressive and flammable gaseous mixtures)

    Standard Construction

    • Nominal efficiency 800-1200 m3/h (depending on model)
    • Two filtration stages: metal mesh spark trap and H7 cassette filter
    • Other media on separate request for example activated carbon based or filtering cloth
    • Easy access to filters
    • Full mobility with 4 casters (two with brakes)
    • Welded and powder coated construction
    • Ready for 160 fume arms
    • Backward inclined blade aluminium impellers 0.75kW or 1.1kW 
    • Accessories and options to be specified separately on orders