The Bactosonic unit is a special Ultrasonic Bath/Cleaner package for the gentle removal of biofilms from medical implants and the subsequent fast microbiological diagnostic method for implant-associated infections

The successful treatment of implant infections depends on an accurate microbiological diagnosis. Microorganisms form biofilms on implant surfaces, what makes them difficult to detect by conventional methods.
BactoSonic® gently removes biofilms from implant surfaces. After sonication the liquid is cultered on agar plates and can be used for further analysis (e.g. microcalorimetry). A fast diagnosis of infections is therefore possible.

Principle of BactoSonic®
The implants are placed in the air-tight transport containers and sonicated in the specially designed ultrasonic device BactoSonic®. Compared to other ultrasonic baths, BactoSonic® works with a very low ultrasound intensity. The biofilm is removed without killing the bacteria, a quantitative assessment is possible.
Assessment of biofilm-forming bacteria on implants by BactoSonic®The sonicated liquid is cultured and the quantity of bacteria can be determined. Compared to standard methods (e.g. biopsies from periprosthetic tissue) up to 10,000 times more bacteria can be detected. Mixed infections and different bacteria morphotypes can better be identified. The sensitivity especially of patients with previous antibiotic therapy is improved.




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