200mm Ø Extension Booms

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    200mm Ø Extension Booms

    Monmouth's swinging extension booms are designed to enlarge the reach of Monmouth Air Product's, such as self supporting arms and vehicle exhaust products. The extension boom helps in reaching areas which are distant from a wall or mounting point. They also can be used to support items such as feeders or underslung hoses or cables..

    The swivel section of the boom is made of rolled steel pipe. The top and bottom of the pipe is adapted to accept a fan or flanged duct connection. The extension beams are manufactured of heavy gauge square steel tube with welded heavy duty hinge. As a standard all units are supplied with a bracket to mount Monmouth's fume arms. Double pivot type extension booms are divided by a center bearing hinge which allows the user to reach back under the extension boom or just simply to reach around the corner.

    Monmouth's extension boom are a unique construction on the market. There are no internal mechanisms within the boom ducting which allowsa low pressure drop as well as a low noise level. All adjustments mechanisms are designed on the outside. 

    Typical application

    • Welding, grinding, polishing, packaging, cutting, automotive fumes, oil its and smoke
    • Standard temperature resistance up to 80°C
    • Recommended airflow range 1400÷1800 m3/h

    Standard Construction

    • Galvanized spiro tube on the support beam
    • Heavy duty steel closed profile support beams with metal counter support rod and inlet socket for 200 series extraction arms
    • All supports and adjustments on the outside
    • Welded steel boom mounting bracket with top or bottom outlets
    • Rigid bearings with friction discs
    • Black PVC flexible hoses (temperature resistance up to 80°C)

    Additional information

    • Due to the size of the booms the units may be delivered in parts to be assembled on-site
    • Other type of flexible hoses on request
    • Stainless ducting on separate request