160mm Ø Telescopic Arm

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    160mm Ø Telescopic Arm

    Monmouth's 160mm Ø telescopic fume extraction arm has been designed to work in small, confined spaces especially with low ceilings.

    The telescopic 160mm Ø arm is a unique construction where internal mechanisms will be located on the outside of the arm. The only device left inside is an air flow damper (no damper models available). A smooth tube and no mechanical parts contained within the duct means a low pressure drop and noise level is possible as well as easy maintenance and long operational life time. All adjustments on the outside allow for telescoping arm tension corrections without stopping air exhaust, contact with polluted air stream or fume arm interior.

    Monmouth telescoping arm is made of outside cast aluminium joints and two tubes which can move and rotate within each other. This product does not require any counter weight to work. Construction of the Telescopic 160mm Ø Arm (like all other Monmouth tube arms) ensures a remarkably long product life span and simple maintenance. 

    Typical application

    • Schools, repair and maintenance, production lines, welding booths
    • Standard temperature resistance up to 80°C
    • Recommended airflow range 1000-1300 m3/h
    • Local air pollution capture excluding chemically aggressive fumes and gases

    Standard construction

    • All adjustments on the outside
    • Aluminum hood with air diverter (yellow)
    • Grab handle all around the hood
    • Aluminum hood joints (black)
    • Cast aluminium swivel joints (black)
    • Aluminium and steel mounting swivel (yellow)
    • Smooth tube (blue)
    • Standard built-in air damper (T1618, T1626 models)
    • Black PVC flexible hoses (temperature resistance up to 80°C)
    • Standard powder coating

    Additional information

    • Packaging dimensions in individual cards of product
    • Arm delivered complete – ready to mount
    • Grounding option and antistatic hose option available
    • Other types of hoses on separate request