160mm Ø Economy Hose Arm

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    160mm Ø Economy Hose Arm

    Our economy 160mm Ø hose arms are designed for local air pollution control at less demanding applications. This product is made of flexible hose and internal support mechanism with counter support spring and friction disc joints. The economy 160mm Ø hose arm is a cost effective alternative to our tube arms which are recommended for use with frequent air pollution capture in workshop environment.

    There are two models of this product, the hanging model which can be used on the wall or overhead or the standing model which is designed to work right on work bench, table surface or on mobile filter units.

    Typical application

    • Welding, light dusts (low usage)
    • Standard temperature resistance up to 80°C
    • Recommended airflow range 1000÷1300 m3/h
    • Local air pollution capture excluding chemically aggressive fumes and gases

    Standard Construction

    • Aluminium hood (yellow) with plastic grab handle
    • Air damper built-in the hood
    • Black PVC flexible hoses (temperature resistance up to 80°C)

    Additional information

    • Other spare parts technical information and costs on demand
    • Detailed dimensions and packaging information specified on individual model technical data sheet
    • Other types of flexible hoses (for example PU or high temperature resistant) available on additional request